Hand Crafted in the Good Ole USA.

The transformation that takes place when you suspend a classic Wine Barrel over an open space is undeniable.


Our Bright Barrel lighting fixture is the original wine barrel lighting fixture. Popular venues for our lights include tap rooms, tasting rooms, bars, restaurants, wine caves, pool halls, rustic living areas and anywhere else you could see this piece of art hanging.

     This beautiful fixture was born out of necessity, like all great innovations. While remodeling the corporate headquarters of Readerest, our sister company, we searched for weeks trying to find the perfect rustic lighting fixture to match our north Texas facility. After failing to find something that complimented our rustic industrial office, we decided to create one ourselves. Originally craftsmen by trade, this was the logical choice.  Being in North Texas, the rustic industrial look isn't a fad. It's embedded in our community. Our first attempt was a glorious success.

     This wasn't yet a business. It wasn't until clients and visitors came to our headquarters that we realized this was something big. When people entered our lobby, the first thing they did was look over-head and stare at these barrels magically suspended over them. The second thing they did, drop their jaws and ask where they could get one. Thus, Bright Barrel was born. 

     Since production started in our facility in sunny Southern California in January 2017, we have been steadily taking over the rustic lighting industry. Our company is based around customer service. ALL of us have dealt with rude people that don't care about their customers. We want to build relationships with our clients to help sustain our incredible reputation. We are proud to say all of our products are hand crafted by master craftsman right here in the USA, and we will never settle for less, because that is what our customers deserve. Feel free to contact us with any questions.